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H Alex Harrison (who goes by "H") has practiced yoga since 2014. His studies began with Vinyasa and Forrest yoga in Brookline, MA. In 2016, H started the Ashtanga Primary Series under the direction of Alicia Orr and Alessandra Miele, as well as Ananda Yoga with Lindsey Blake. H received his RYT-200 certification from Boston Yoga School in 2017. H now teaches weekly yoga classes online as well as corporate wellness workshops in Boston.


H's lighthearted and granular teaching method, which focuses heavily on proper alignment, teaches how yoga can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-realization. He encourages his students to use yoga to find strength and confidence both on and off the mat through vinyasa flows that emphasize the linking of movement to breath.


Weekly Classes

Saturdays at 10am

Make space both physically and mentally as we explore and connect with our bodies through the synthesis of yoga, movement, breath, and mindfulness exercises. Expect to flow through traditional yoga postures as we explore the intricacies of skeletal alignment and the muscular engagement required to link pose to pose, and end with a restful savasana.

Sundays at 10am

Yoga Foundations is great for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, who want to work on the fundamentals of a strong yoga practice: proper alignment, breathing, and strength. This class will help you to build the strength and confidence needed to establish a regular practice or take your current practice to the next level.

Tuesdays at 7:30p

Suitable for all ages and levels of practice, Restorative Flow combines elements of vinyasa, restorative yoga, and yin yoga to release physical tension and promote mental relaxation. A gentle, grounding sequence will be used to open the body slowly.

Come to class ready to stretch, breathe, downshift, and renew.



H Alex Harrison

Email: h.alex.harrison@gmail.com

Tel: 617-396-7260

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